Mission | Vision

"A Christ-centered world class insurance agency that assists Filipinos in weathering vulnerabilities through affordable, responsive, and ethical insurance products."

"The most sought after insurance agency for outstanding and unequalled service."


Health and Medical Insurance

"Protecting your health does not need to be costly"

Group Health Insurance
Emergency Care Reimbursement
Group Hospitalization Benefit
Hospital Income Benefit


Non-life and Accident Insurance

"Securing your property and self from unforeseen event"

Accidental Death, Disablement and Dismemberment
Total and Permanent Disability
Accident Medical Reimbursement
Comprehensive Third Party Liability
Car and Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance
Building Insurance
Gadget Insurance


Group and Family Life Insurance

"Affordable yet reliable for the whole family at times of loss"

Group Life Insurance


10 years and counting

About The Company

PAIS is a micro insurance agency that provides comprehensive, affordable and viable life and non-life micro insurance services. Our company aims to cater to MFI (Micro-finance Institutions) organizations and other groups in the Philippines by offering low premium cost of insurances but with extensive benefits.

PAIS is also committed to fight poverty and help alleviate the life conditions of our clients by offering our micro-insurance programs an services.

Our Partners

We are grateful to work with some of the lead people and organizations in the country. We are grateful to be a continued part of their company journey's to success.


We are glad to share the thoughts of some of the people we have helped.

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